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The surgery, which you just received, has left a communication between the mouth and the sinus cavity. This sinus is a large hollow space in the upper jaw, usually lying just above the roots of the back teeth. However, some of the roots or infections involving the roots extend into the sinus. There is a connection between the sinus and the respiratory (breathing) system. This is usually why many people have sinus trouble when they "catch a cold." This perforation or opening results in a direct communication between your mouth and your sinus through the socket from which your tooth was extracted.

We have taken certain measures to allow this perforation to heal. It will usually heal with no problems as long as the sinus doesn't have a previous infection or inflammation. However, there are some precautions you must take so as not to disturb the healing process.

  1. DO NOT disturb the blood clot in the socket from which the tooth was removed. This clot is what closed the perforation.
  2. DO NOT blow your nose. This will cause pressure and force the clot out of the socket.
  3. Avoid anything that will cause you to sneeze or cough. Sneezing and coughing cause the same problems as blowing your nose. If you must sneeze or cough, do so with your mouth OPEN. This will allow the pressure to go out through your mouth instead of your sinus.
  4. Avoid smoking. If you must smoke, do not blow the smoke through your nose, and take very light drags on the cigarette.
  5. Take all the medications prescribed to you. It is meant to prevent infection, inflammation, pressure, and pain in the sinus.
  6. DO NOT be alarmed if you find blood in your nose. This may happen occasionally since the nose is connected directly to the sinus.

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