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Post-Operative Instructions for Implant Patients

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  1. Leave the gauze packs over the surgery site for at least one to two hours before removing it. If the bleeding seems excessive, place another gauze over the area and bite firmly, exerting a constant pressure for fifteen minutes. Do not rinse mouth for at least twenty-four hours following surgery and until all bleeding has stopped. Fluids should be taken as soon as possible, at least two (2) quarts the day of surgery.
  2. Place an ice bag to the face in the area of the surgery for the first twelve hours following surgery during waking hours. Do not place ice after the day of surgery.
  3. The day following surgery, rinse your mouth very gently with warm salt water. This will aid healing and prevent offensive mouth odors. Brush teeth-a clean mouth will reduce the possibility of infection.
  4. Do not become alarmed regarding swelling or discoloration of the face that may occur following surgery. A slight temperature rise the day following surgery may also be evident. There may be an elevation of temperature (98.6-100) for the first forty-eight hours after surgery. Be sure to take adequate amounts of fluids. If the temperature is higher or continues notify us.
  5. Soft foods are advisable the first several days following surgery. Fluids in the way of fruit juices, ice cream, soups and foods mixed in a blender will supply adequate nutrition and calories during the healing stages. Return to a normal diet as soon as possible.
  6. When your lips and the corners of your mouth are stretched, they become dry and crack. The use of lip ice or ointment will help minimized this condition.
  7. Smoking has been shown to delay healing in the mouth and should be eliminated if at all possible in the early healing phase.
  8. It is absolutely essential that your denture not be placed in your mouth until the doctor permits you to do so.
  9. Be certain to take the antibiotic as prescribed and return to this office as directed for post-operative treatment.

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